Jonathan Shively


What we know, what we have the skills to do, and the results we want to realize come alive when they encounter artistry. 

Jonathan Shively is at his best in those artistic spaces. 

Recognized as a creative leader, inspiring mentor, organizational architect and culture visionary, Jonathan exemplifies the power of artistry in leadership.

With over 25 years of experience as a leader and executive for local and national organizations, Jonathan has celebrated success and learned from the things that didn't quite work.

When innovative thinking and strategic action are required, Jonathan is found at the forefront.

As a coach and mentor, Jonathan challenges and encourages individuals toward their greatest leadership potential. 

As a speaker and workshop leader, Jonathan communicates effectively with groups of all sizes. 

As a facilitator and guide, he draws out a group's finest thinking.

As a strategist and planner, he assists others in designing a unique way forward for an organization or career.

With management and board experience in venues including education, nonprofits, and churches, Jonathan helps others address issues relevant to their context.

An artist and musician, Jonathan knows the disciplines of practice and creativity; he also knows the freedom of intuition and imagination. Jonathan applies all these characteristics to leadership.

Leadership and organizations has been a theme throughout his academic pursuits and a hallmark of his career. He is committed to lifelong learning and exercising rooted innovation.

Jonathan has earned B.A., M. Div., and D. Min. degrees. He has also completed a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management, a Center for Creative Leadership certificate, and a Certificate in Long-term Care Administration. 

Jonathan is excited to join you and your organization in that convergent space where your knowledge, skills, and experience come together to reach your goals, that space in which ArtistryLeads.