Jonathan has played in homes and churches from California to Florida to Pennsylvania to Indiana to Iowa to Virginia and Illinois.   

Contact Jonathan to schedule a house concert, training session incorporating music, church event, worship experience, or music workshop.

House concerts are intimate, informal, and fun occasions to get a group of friends together for an evening of fellowship and music. Conversation is welcome, as is sitting and listening to the musician. Flexibility and flow are keys to these events. Anywhere from a few songs to three hours of music can fill the air. There are multiple ways to structure the costs of a house concert, including admission charges (set between artist and host), donation (minimum guest expectation), and host-pay (flat fee based on event format). The artist provides all the necessary musical equipment.

Featuring thoughtful lyrics, rich vocals, rhythmic guitar, and free-form piano, Jonathan's original music will touch your heart and broaden your world view.  

Music workshops are typically intended for churches, worship committees, and musicians. A sample list of available workshops, speeches, and clinics is available here. Fees are negotiated with Jonathan.


Church concerts include the artist's original music and may include other familiar Christian songs. Concerts typically last about 90 minutes, but can be adapted to the occasion. Fees are negotiated with the artist. Musical equipment may be provided by the artist or the church may be asked to provide a sound technician to support their sound system.