Artistry is meaningful and purposeful action characterized by imagination and creativity and drawing upon cultivated gifts and skills. Artistry is the quality of leadership which brings out the best in individuals and organizations. Artistry is the "it" factor that separates a competent manager from an extraordinary leader, and is the bridge to move from mission potential to becoming an exceptional organization. 

My company, ArtistryLeads, is a coaching, training

and consulting practice 

providing a range of dynamic resources 

for individuals and organizations, including...

Individual accompaniment: Meet with an experienced leader who will help you find solutions and will support you in your growth as an artistic leader through questions, feedback, and accountability.

Team development: Strengthen your leadership group, staff, or board through interactive learning and relationship building activities.

Culture transformation: Assess, strategize, and implement toward alignment in organizational values, practices, and mission outcomes.

Engagement retreats: Participate in get-aways hosted by ArtistryLeads or arrange for a private event to cultivate artistry in your leadership group.

Speaker/presenter: Gifted communicators with keen insight and personal experience as artistic leaders are available to address your staff, conference, or congregation.

Process consulting: Management teams and boards empowered to design systematic approaches identifying and addressing organizational needs through observation, assessment, planning, and action accountability.

Dirty work: If you need someone to come to your organization to say difficult things, give us a call. We’ll take the heat; you’ll stay above the fray.

Check out www.artistryleads.com,

a website dedicated to leadership and organizational artistry.